Claims and Damages Policy

Inspect the pallet and packaging material upon initial receipt of shipment for any indication of visible damaged products. Notate any damage or missing product on the Proof of Delivery provided by the driver, this will ensure a faster turn-around time on filing a claim and resipping the product. If you accept the shipment without notating the Proof of Delivery, and damage or shortage is found please contact Buy Floors Direct within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Follow these steps to notify us of any damaged shipments

  1. Inspect all product on the shipment
  2. take a minimum of three photos displaying all of the product
  • full pallet view
  • top view
  • side view

3.  email or with a copy of the 

  • Original receipt
  • Proof of Delivery
  • 3 Photos taken
  • Indicate the exact amount damaged # of pieces / boxes
  • List specific product damaged
  • Best phone number and email to contact you.

4. Do not Discard any of the damaged material or packaging.


Contact Customer Service at: